The Vision for 5.4.7

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The 5.4.7 Arts Center is a community arts center to raise awareness of fine arts, both visual and performing, make arts accessible to everyone and provide an environment to create and learn through classes, exhibits and performances. Our name comes from the date of the tornado that devastated Greensburg May 4, 2007. This date has been a catalyst for new beginnings in Greensburg and we want to remember this day that has forever changed us.4th on the plinth

image_preview (1)The arts are extremely important to our community. The arts are very important to maintain and build our community, our identity, our heritage, and our culture. Art is a visual and tactile experience that we all long for. Each of us has a desire to create something with our own hands that reflects who we are. The arts will guide this community through the healing process as we recover and rebuild Greensburg.

image_previewWe are excited to provide classes in many visual arts such as drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpture as well as the performing arts with theatre and dance. We will also have a gallery space for exhibitions and meeting space. There will be after school and summer classes for kids, classes for adults, weekend workshops, visiting artist demonstrations, and more. This community did not have an arts center prior to the tornado, however, it is a very important piece in the rebirth of our town. Arts and cultural opportunities are vital to the quality of life in a city and we want to provide that for those who live here and for generations to come.Gallery-Marable

This facility is an excellent opportunity for not only Greensburg, but for the whole area. We look forward to reaching all ages with programs for preschoolers to seniors and by giving residents and visitors an opportunity to experience fine art in western Kansas.

image_miniWe all have a need to be connected to one another, and the arts are a perfect way to bring us together as a community, to remember our past and shape the future.