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Sep 2015

Beer Tasting, June 19th 8pm

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1st Annual 5.4.7 Arts Center Beer Tasting
Saturday June 19th, 8pm
Featuring Live Music by Mike Benish
A Variety of Beers, Food, Artwork Raffle, and Your Own 5.4.7 Pint Glass to Take Home!
Tickets $20 for Arts Center Members/$25 for Non-Members
Tickets MUST be purchased in advance!

image (4)Beers we are featuring are: Boulevard Brewing Co. Pale Ale, Wheat and Pilsner, Lb. Brewing Co. Raspberry Wheat and Oatmeal Stout, River City Brewing Old Town Brown Ale, Schilling Bridge Brewery Git R Done Lager, and Greensburg’s own homebrewer Travis Barnes’ Kansas Sunset Red Ale.

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